Capital safety vis-à-vis a CEX

How safe is your capital on Olive compared to a CEX
Olive is a non-custodial, trustless protocol built on the core philosophy of Ethereum - Code is Law.
All transactions on Olive happen on-chain, are censorship-resistant and immune to interference by any third party. Being on-chain also means users at all times can monitor their own funds and the entire funds within Olive. Furthermore, Olive has undergone an audit by PeckShield, mitigating potential smart contract risks.
On the other hand, CEXs are, for most parts, opaque, have centralised wallets and aren’t fully censorship resistant. Further, users cannot determine how their funds are utilised internally, who is the assets' custodian, and if there are any liabilities on the CEX.
To put it simply, CEXs asks users to trust them, while Olive is trustless, which means you don’t need to trust us because at Olive - Code is Law.