All your questions about Olive options and structured products answered


Is APY net of fees?
What assets are the vault yields paid in?
Yields on every strategy are paid in the same asset you deposit. For example, in the covered calls where you deposit BTC or ETH, the yields are also paid in BTC or ETH, respectively, and in the case of cash-covered puts or FCN where you deposit USDC, the yields are paid in USDC itself. Or in the case of the GLP Principal Protection Notes, where you deposit GLP tokens, the yields are paid in GLP itself.
Does Olive have a token?
Yes, Olive has a token called OLIVE. But we haven’t done our TGE yet. The only way to accumulate OLIVE right now is through participating in our network growth initiatives. Please follow the announcement channel on our Discord server for all official information.


Is there any minimum amount required for making a deposit?
There is no minimum deposit requirement.
Does Olive have a liquid token?
Do I have to re-deposit on vault expiry?
No. Your deposit and the yield earned will automatically roll over into the next epoch and earn auto-compounding returns.
Are deposits subject to the profit or loss of the previous cycle?
I made the deposit to an incorrect receiving address. Can you help?
Although we do not generally offer token recovery services, we review these instances on a case-by-case basis, depending on their significance. We do not guarantee token recovery and advise depositors to double-check their transactions. Reach out to us on our Discord for support.


How does withdrawal work?
We offer two types of withdrawals:
  1. 1.
    Instant: Only applicable to funds that are yet to be deployed in the vault. You can withdraw it anytime until the funds get deployed on the vault auction date.
  2. 2.
    Standard: It's a two-step withdrawal process that you can initiate anytime. You can submit a withdrawal request, and the funds will become available for withdrawal on the vault expiry date.
Are instant withdrawals subject to any profit or loss of the week?
Are standard withdrawals subject to any profit or loss of the week?
Yes, since you are initiating a withdrawal for vault shares, those shares are subject to either the profits or losses of that epoch, which will impact the final withdrawable amount.
Can I cancel a queued withdrawal?
Unfortunately, you can't cancel a queued withdrawal. You'll have to complete it and reinvest the funds at a later time.
What asset do I get on withdrawal?
Your withdrawals are processed in the same asset that you deposited.
Help! I am having trouble using the app.
Reach out to us on Discord.