Polysynth <> OliveDAO

Polysynth is now Olive
Our team had two offerings, Polysynth and OliveDAO. Polysynth was initially conceived as a decentralised synthetic assets protocol on Polygon, which is why the name. On the other hand, OliveDAO was meant to be a liquidity aggregation platform for DEXs.
But we pivoted to options and structured products and became available on multiple blockchain networks, which warranted a rebranding. So, we have amalgamated Polysynth and OliveDAO, and the combined entity will now be known as Olive, which will be available at
The native protocol token of the combined entity, Olive, will be called OLIVE. Current holders of Polysynth’s POL tokens and OliveDAOs OLIVE tokens will receive pre-mined native protocol tokens of Olive in a 1:1 ratio. After Olive's TGE, users can claim their pre-mined OLIVE rewards.