Olive: Earn Sustainable, Real Yields

Unlocking new possibilities with composability and structured products

Last Updated: 17 March 2023

Olive is a multi-chain protocol that is primarily known for combining composability with structured products to amplify base yields by up to ~1.5X without exposing users' funds to principal or credit risks.

The beauty of Olive lies in its simplicity. Olive has a vault structure, which abstracts away all of the complexities of structured products, such as underwriting, pricing, juggling strike prices and rollover. Instead, users have to deposit assets in their favoured strategy, and Olive's auto-compounding vaults take care of the rest.

What can users achieve with Olive?

  • On-chain, non-custodial yield generation

  • Amplify yields on composable tokens at zero capital risk

  • Earn fixed or variable yields in all market conditions with a wide array of strategies

  • Improve portfolio's risk-return profile

Product Roadmap

Olive already has one of the largest suites of structured and options products in the form of:

  1. Principal Protection Vaults - January 2023

  2. Fixed Coupon Notes - October 2022

  3. Covered Calls - June 2022

  4. Cash Covered Puts - June 2022

Our team comprises top financial professionals and engineers who constantly tinker around to push through new cutting-edge offerings. So, if there is a demand for a particular offering from the community or an institution, we will make it available soon.

This document represents a continuous work in progress. We will endeavour to keep this document current with the latest developments. But due to the iterative nature of our development process, some implementations might differ from what is mentioned in this document. If you have identified any such issue, please report it to our Discord or Telegram channel.

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