Introduction to Olive Finance

Olive Finance: Pioneering Leveraged Yield Farming

Olive Finance stands at the forefront of decentralised finance (DeFi), introducing enhanced yield farming opportunities with a leverage of up to 10x for LP token enthusiasts.

This unique approach allows yield farmers to amplify their returns on preferred LP tokens. The underlying capital for these leveraged positions is sourced from dedicated lending vaults. In these vaults, lenders contribute their cryptocurrency assets, which are then accessible for LP vaults to borrow.

In return, lenders accrue passive income, ensuring a win-win ecosystem.

Key Advantages of Olive Finance:

  • Amplified Yield Farming: Experience up to 10x leverage, maximising potential returns.

  • Optimised Returns with Auto-Compounding: Automatically reinvest yields to supercharge APY.

  • Stable Borrowing Mechanism: Utilise similar asset borrowing pools, significantly reducing the risk of liquidations from volatile price movements.

  • Competitive Lending Rates: Benefit from lending yields that consistently outperform market averages.

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