Token Utilities

Governance with esOLIVE:

Holders of esOLIVE have the power to influence the direction and decisions of the Olive protocol. By holding esOLIVE, users gain voting rights, allowing them to shape the community's future, manage the treasury, adjust protocol parameters, and more.

Enhanced Yields through esOLIVE:

Holding esOLIVE not only grants governance rights but also boosts yield earnings. esOLIVE holders are entitled to 80% of the protocol's revenue, ensuring that active participation in the protocol is rewarded.

Diverse Incentive Structures:

Olive protocol recognises the importance of keeping its community engaged and motivated. Whether you're a Yield Farmer, Lender, Staker, Referrer, Liquidator, Ambassador, or another vital ecosystem contributor, Olive ensures you're adequately incentivised. Rewards and incentives can vary, ranging from batch solution rewards and airdrops to ecosystem grants and other unique incentives.

Treasury and Revenue Management:

The protocol's treasury holdings play a crucial role in its sustainability and growth. Decisions regarding the allocation of treasury assets, distribution of protocol revenue, and investments in promising ecosystem projects are made collectively by the community.

In summary, the Olive protocol offers a multifaceted utility structure for its token holders, ensuring that every participant, from yield farmers to governance enthusiasts, finds value and purpose within the ecosystem.

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