Earn Program

Within the Olive protocol, users have the opportunity to engage in various roles, including leveraged yield farmers, lenders, liquidity providers, stakers, liquidators, and more.

The rewards for users are primarily categorised into:

  1. esOLIVE Emissions

  2. WETH Rewards

esOLIVE Emissions:

Users can accrue esOLIVEs by:

  1. Engaging in yield farming within Olive vaults.

  2. Lending assets in the lending pools.

  3. Staking OLIVE-ETH LP tokens on Uniswap V2 pool.

For yield farmers and lenders, esOLIVE rewards are distributed based on their oToken and aToken balances. There's no need for an additional staking step; simply holding these tokens in one's wallet ensures the accrual of esOLIVE rewards.

On the other hand, those providing liquidity for OLIVE-ETH receive OLIVE-ETH LP tokens. To earn esOLIVE rewards, they must stake these LP tokens in earn section of the app.

WETH Rewards

Holders of esOLIVE are entitled to 80% share of the protocol's revenue, which is disbursed in the form of WETH tokens. The remaining 20% is allocated to the treasury, which is utilised for marketing and demand-generating activities such as token buy back and burns etc. However, this can change in future by governance.

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