What is Olive?

Starting on our journey to know all about Olive Protocol
Last Updated: 28 November 2022
Olive is a DeFi Options Vault (DOV) protocol powered by Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum, enabling you to express your views on the market and earn in all market conditions.
The beauty of our options and structured products lies in their simplicity. Investors simply have to deposit their assets in vaults which get automatically deployed into the vaults strategy. We make it easier for investors to make the most out of options and structured products in perpetuity. Our vaults abstract away all of the complexities of underwriting, pricing, juggling strike prices and rolling them week after week, replacing them with a simple deposit and auto-compounding earning vault.

What can you achieve with Olive?

  • Auto-compound your wealth in all market conditions
  • 100% on-chain, non-custodial yield generation
  • Earn above industry yields with zero principal risk using Principal Protection Notes (PPN)
  • Get supercharged fixed yield with Fixed Coupon Notes (FCN)
  • Generate supercharged high yields with Covered Calls and Cash Covered Puts


We are here to simplify, democratise and decentralise finance with technology, and that’s not changing. Everyone, anywhere in the world, deserves access to an open financial system that enables them to preserve and grow their wealth. We believe in the power of blockchain, smart contracts and other open-source software to build immutable laws of code so that people’s wealth isn’t prone to errors in human judgement.


Offer innovative and sustainable financial solutions through blockchain, financial engineering and prudent risk management. We strive to provide our customers with battle-tested financial strategies to fulfil their unique requirements while leveraging the power of technology to offer the best user experience and absolute transparency.

Product Roadmap

Olive already offers one of the largest suites of structured and options products in the form of:
  1. 1.
    Principal Protected Notes
  2. 2.
    Fixed Coupon Notes
  3. 3.
    Covered Calls
  4. 4.
    Cash Covered Puts
Going forward, we will focus on further decentralisation, expanding on different possible variations of existing products and expanding to more blockchain networks. Further, we will also be launching a mobile app for a more seamless experience down the road.
Our team is composed of top financial experts and engineers who constantly tinker around to push through new cutting-edge offerings. If we see demand for a particular offering from the community or an institution, we will make it available at the earliest.
This document represents a continuous work in progress. We will endeavour to keep this document current with the latest developments. But due to the iterative nature of our development process, some implementations might differ from what is mentioned in this document. If you have identified any such issue, please report it to our Discord or Telegram channel.
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