Liquidity Mining Rewards

The Olive liquidity mining rewards program is designed with a clear objective of:
  1. 1.
    Incentivizing investors to deposit assets in Olive vaults
  2. 2.
    Accelerate the adoption of Olive vaults as a popular tool for earning real, sustainable yields
OLIVE will be distributed weekly/bi-weekly/monthly, depending upon the vault cycle. The amount of OLIVE distributed to investors is based on a formula that rewards total fees contribution by the investor in an epoch.

Working Mechanism

Here is the function used to compute how much OLIVE is to be awarded to each investor during each cycle:
Rewards, r and individual investor score, w is equal to
where w is equal to,


Who is eligible for the liquidity mining rewards?

All depositors in Olive are eligible to receive OLIVE as liquidity mining rewards.

When will I receive my liquidity mining rewards?

Olive liquidity mining rewards are computed and paid weekly every Monday at 1 PM UTC. They will be available to withdraw after TGE.

Why is my reward less than compared to the formula?

Total liquidity mining rewards are capped at 400,000 OLIVE per 7-day weekly cycle. As such, if the total rewards across all investors for the weekly cycle are more than 400,000, everyone’s reward is scaled pro-rata such that the total rewards remain capped at 400,000 OLIVE per cycle.
Pre-mined OLIVE Tokens are getting accumulated against your wallet address right now. You will be able to claim them after the TGE. Wen TGE?​